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Deirdre May 2013 – May 2015

My life is busy and happy, I have 4 children and work but my weight was a source of unhappiness and I was unfit. I tried many diet programmes. I started working with Joan in May 2013 and lost 36lbs in that year. Dieting can be isolating but Joan’s clients do group walks and park activities together and I found the support from the group helpful and I became much fitter. I enjoy eating normal food and no dietary supplements. I regained a little of the weight around the children’s exam time but I kept in contact with Joan and am working it back off. She helped me to get used to the gym environment and I am now a full-time gym goer and love it. I feel fitter and use exercise to relieve life stressors. Best of all, I can maintain my weight loss. I still have some weight to lose but am so much happier in myself and feel more in control. Weight will always be my challenge but I am learning to manage it much better.





Paula Barry December 2013

I started with Joan in January 2013 and within 9 months I had lost 3 stone. Joan has been inspirational in helping me to achieve my goal, she’s challenged me to make lifestyle changes when I didn’t think it was possible.  With two small children and a busy full-time job it has not been easy, but Joan helped me to focus on what I could do and what fitted in with my family and work life. I have now joined a running group, doing a 12 km run weekly which totally keeps me on track. What’s best of all is that I really enjoy how I eat and exercise now. Signing up with Joan has been the best investment I have made in my health and general well being.



Nuala Breslin February 2014

Joan didn’t put me on a diet – she helped me make a lifestyle change. That is why a year later, I have kept the weight off.  It isn’t just about food; it’s about combining exercise that you enjoy with a change in your attitude to food.  She helps you to identify your triggers and change your bad habits. I started with Joan in August 2012 and completed two 12 week programmes with her. I lost a total of 32 lbs during that time and by keeping up with her maintenance programme I lost another 7lbs. Joan is an incredible motivator so when you are struggling she will find a way of keeping you motivated. It’s a very personal service; she works with you as an individual and tailors the programme to suit your needs.


Maud Condomine Summer 2012

‘I was a client of Joan’s for the six months leading up to my wedding. Thanks to Joan, I didn’t have to starve myself to achieve my target weight-loss for the big day. Through the healthy eating habits she helped me develop, and the exercise she recommended, I reached my target weight whilst also feeling healthier and more energetic than before. Her approach is highly professional yet with a personal touch.  Joan keeps you motivated.


David Gillett August 2012

I started working with Joan in January 2012 , when I contacted her for nutrition and weight loss counselling. I have tried many times to lose weight and haven’t been successful. Joan showed me which foods encourage a healthier lifestyle and healthier living. Joan identified how exercise and diet would work more efficiently towards my goal. I have lost over 2 stone to date, and continue to lose more. My cholesterol was 6.9 and is now 5.2.

Joan is ever the professional , motivational and committed.





Nutritional Services

I offer  a Private & Confidential  nutritional service for MEN and WOMEN


1.  Weight-loss for Men & Women- 6 & 12 week packages eating a balanced, whole food diet with a 15% reduction in calories to minimise lean muscle loss and incorporate exercise to maximise fat-loss. No supplements.

2. Healthy Eating talks  – talks are tailored to suit the audience

3. Cooking demonstrations – when you see it being cooked, taste it, I find you are more likely to cook it at home

4. Fitness – Clients join me in various activities – jogging, strength training, hill-walking, sprinting and we attend local classes. It is all about getting you started…

6. Health Conditions - Improving your diet and getting fit tends to help a number of diagnosed health conditions.  This can help a GP work with you on the symptoms produced by your condition rather than those produced by an unhealthy lifestyle.

For more services, services click here.  Visit my blog.

Nutrition & Health

Nutrition is the study of scientific-based evidence that food affects health in humans.  We aim to improve your sense of wellbeing and health by developing a well-balanced diet including lean proteins, good hydration, healthy fats, portioning the low GI carbohydrate intake and reducing the saturated fat intake. We incorporate an abundance of vegetables into juices, soups, stews, casseroles and aim to make them as tasty as possible using fresh herbs, spices and natural flavourings like citrus, garlic, chilli. Trans-fats and processed sugary foods are eliminated. We encourage exercise  to support good sleep, digestion, detoxification, musculoskeletal structure and to reduce stress levels.

I use whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, lentils along with free-range sources of poultry, meat and fresh fish. In my view there is no superfood, just good wholesome foods. I do not use supplements.

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